Announcement of Course

Currently some guests obscure the age or specific illness. We would like to avoid the accident in the course. We decided to make policies to prevent any risk.
All of all, all our guests join the course might have to agree this announcement.

  1. (1)If you join our course and obscure your age, illness, we would take it as obstructing our business. We would not only refuse your participation, also we would take the course fee and claim it as compensation for damages.
  2. (2)In some case, We probably would ask you to present your ID(Passport). If you do not show any ID document or you take any uncooperative attitude, we would take it as obstruction of business, as (1)'s case we would charge you compensation for damages.


If your medical history falls under any other case specified by our illness list, we would not receive your participation. Because we would like to control our risk management.
*Any case of obscuring age, illness to join the course, we would take it as obstruction of business, and claim for compensation.

About medical history, if your members who don't have any illness in the following form, please also make sure, that the guests have the other specific illness, take some medicine or not. According to your own case, we might perchase "medical certificates" from you.

- About our cancellation policy -

If any cancellation is not related to us(trip schedule changed, health condition got worse), it takes cancellation fee.
Otherwise, reason for cancellation is due to flight, cruise delayed by typhoon or the other natural disasters, we would not charge any fee for the course.

- About our booking system -

Our booking system is setuped via internet, reservation would be automatically done, when the customer clicks the 'confirm button'. Some e-mail server would probably sort it to spam folder, we recommend all guests who has booked our course to check all the mail inboxs after booking our course.
If you haven't seen our confirmation mail, it probably causes trouble to cancellation fee. If you didn't receive our confirmation mail, please contact us through e-mail or the other SNS(facebook, line... etc.)

- Before join the course -

If you are in any situation below, you could not participate in the course. More of all, we would ask for compensation for damages of business.

- About Courses in Blue Cave -

Blue Cave Tour wouldn't be operated in bad sea condition, we would hold the tour at another beach(Coral sea & tropical fish Tour)
Please book after reading and understanding our course policies, we wouldn't want to have trouble with any guests.